What’s Your Background in terms of Sailing Experience?
I had dinghy sailing experience and big dinghy (part owner of gleoiteog beag).
Some yacht racing crew experience

What Problem Were You Trying to Solve?
Very little Coastal Passages done. Wanted more confidence sailing a larger boat and spending more time at sea.

How Was The Problem Affecting You?
I wanted to improve my sailing skills I needed to be under more pressure and push through sea sickness as well.

What Possible Solutions Did You Consider before coming to Wild West Sailing?
Took every opportunity to get out sailing either dinghy or Gleoiteog. Read books and watched YouTube too.

Why Did You Choose Wild West Sailing?
Well that is an easy question … I have done sailing course before but Wild West Sailing is an incredible school offering excellent training. I would say it has instilled in me even more love for sailing.

What Would Have Happened If You Had NOT chosen to progress your passion for sailing further with Wild West Sailing?
I would not be out on the water as much for sure.

What Risks Did You Consider?
Being Sea sick for most of the trip. This did not happen thankfully and I got some great advice from the skipper.

What Measurable Benefits Have You Seen?
1000% … Thank you to a very trusting and skillful skipper who encouraged me to no end.

Did you have any fun?
The best fun seriously would do it 10 times over. Thank you Dave for making this all come together. It really is incredible what you are doing for sailors all across Ireland.