Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself

Round IRL Voyage

Round IRL Voyage

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Round Ireland Race Training | 9 Days | 750NM | €1800

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Sail a Performance Yacht around Ireland this summer!

Get all the experience you need for the Round Ireland, Fastnet or Middle Sea Races!

It can be very difficult to find a boat for the Round Ireland Race…but you can still experience the thrill of a performance yacht blasting around the course!

If you want adventure and good craic on a fast boat, this is the spin for you.

Get all the skills & experience you need to be a valued crew on an offshore racing yacht.

Challenge yourself to experience the Irish coast and wildlife like never before, set the bar higher

FREE WWS & “Lynx” Branded Fleece.

Skills You’ll Learn
Delivery & Race Skipper Skills
Advanced Tidal & Passage Planning
Night Sailing
Night Navigation & Chart Plotter use
Engine Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Practical Spinnaker Management
Advanced Helming Techniques, up & downwind

Try our Round Ireland Voyage before booking the Fastnet, Round Ireland or Clipper Races & see if you have what it takes!

Check out all our associated courses including Meteorology, Passage Planning & Offshore Safety & Spinnaker Skills

Worried you don’t have enough experience or training… do some short prep courses before you go!

Advanced Meteorology & Weather Forecasting Session

1 Day Yachtmaster Passage Planning Course

2 Day Offshore Safety & Spinnaker Course

Tim's on top | Wild West Sailing

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Cancellation Policy: Cancellation due to weather-related circumstances will be announced at least 24 hours prior to departure and WWS reserves the right to make this decision. Refunds will not be given for weather related delays or cancellations. WWS decision is final in regards to whether the sailing will go ahead. Where possible a reschedule will be put in place for all customers. If spaces are unavailable then booking will be transferred to the next season. Where a mechanical issue arises prior to departure, a full refund will be issued. We cannot be held responsible for any customer being unable to sail due to personal circumstances.