RYA Yachtmaster Theory & Navigation

8 days €500 (Early Bird)

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Thinking about your Yachtmaster or Coastal Skipper?

RYA Coastal Skipper & Yachtmaster Navigation is ESSENTIAL if you want to work in the sailing industry or skipper longer coastal passages.

This intensive advanced navigation course is a must for serious sailors. Navigate like a Pro!

Venue: Sligo Yacht Club

Dates: Sat Nov 2 to Sat Dec 14th 2019

Price: €550 / €500 early bird

Navigation topics de-mystified include:
Chartwork and GPS Plotter use (Navionics included)
Position Fixing and DED Reckoning
Estimated Position and Course-to-Steer
Tidal Heights and Streams
Secondary Port Calculations
Meteorology and Shipping Forecasts
Emergency Procedures and Equipment
Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea
Pilotage and Passage Planning

Time to Complete
8 days over 4 weekends (09:30 – 18:00)

Note: Day Skipper Theory and Navigation level knowledge is essential prior to this course. Sometime will be spent revising the basics before moving on to advanced navigation techniques
Combined with Coastal Skipper Course, you’re now ready for Yachtmaster Prep.

RYA Yachtmaster Exam Requirements
We provide:
Training >> Charts >> Textbook >> Sample Questions >> Test Papers >> Tea and Coffee

You bring:
Plotter and Dividers >> Pencil and Rubber >> Pen and Paper/Notebook

Venue: Sligo Yacht Club

Dates: Sat Nov 2 to Sat Dec 14th 2019

Price: €550 / €500 early bird

Recently completed the Day Skipper Theory Course in Sligo Yacht Club with David. This was a great course and catered for many different levels of sailors. It was fun and David was generous with his time and wealth of knowledge. Would highly recommend it!

Therese O'Connor - Sligo , (Day Skipper Navigation & Theory)

RYA Day Skipper Theory & Navigation

5 days (40hrs) €400

RYA Theory & Navigation

Navigate with Confidence!

Day Skipper Theory and Navigation is ESSENTIAL preparation for your Day Skipper Practical.

Your Yachtmaster Instructor will teach you to fully plan a day sailing, and how to execute and adapt the plan, if necessary.

Be confident and your crew will be confident in you.

Safely sail further with our RYA Day Skipper Theory and Navigation course.

Navigation topics de-mystified include
Chartwork and GPS Plotter (Navionics)
Meteorology and Shipping Forecasts
Tidal Heights and Streams
Estimated Position and Course-to-Steer
Pilotage and Passage Planning
Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea

Next Course Dates, Venue, Price

Venue: Sligo, Sligo Yacht Club

Dates: Sat Nov 9 – Sun Dec 8th 2019

Price: €400


Venue: Mayo, Castlebar (T.B.C)

Dates: Mon Nov 4 – Tue Dec 3rd 2019

Price: €400

Time to Complete
40 hrs in 10 evenings or
5 days (09:30 – 18:00 – 2 weekends and 1 Saturday)

We provide
Training Charts  >> Textbook  >>  Sample Questions  >>  Test Papers  >>  Tea and Coffee

You bring
Plotter and Dividers  >>  Pencil and Rubber  >>  Pen and Paper/Notebook

Courses take place at Sligo Yacht Club
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