I started sailing back in second year with the FairWinds program that was run in Summerhill College. When I first stepped on the boat I didn’t expect to like the sport but after being given the helm a few times I quickly began to get interested in the sport.

I kept up the Fairwinds program till it was in TY but in the midst of that I also started doing my levels out in Sligo Yacht Club on Picos and Mirror dinghies.

I was then recommended by Dave to do a J24 racing course which then got me into keelboat racing in which I’ve competed in Europeans, Nationals and many local events. After a lot of time just building on my skills and abilities I got offered to crew on Lynx for the Round Ireland Yacht Race 2022 in which we won the Sailing Schools class.. Last year I also became fully qualified as a Sailing instructor under Irish Sailing.

I spent my time instructing between Wild West Sailing and Sligo Yacht Club. I’m slowly beginning to work my way onto yacht deliveries with my first one being a 976 mile delivery starting in Jakobstad, Finland to Kristianstand , Norway on a brand new Swan 48 yacht.