5 Reasons to Round IRL with Wild West Sailing

5 Reasons to Round IRL with Wild West Sailing

1. The Sailing

I suppose it might seem obvious as number one on the list but what is it about the sailing that’s so good? Our vessel “Lynx” (Reflex 38) is a fast and very capable yacht, designed and equipped to handle all offshore sailing conditions.

Our extensive wardrobe of sails and the very nature of a Round IRL Voyage means you will sail on all points of the wind. You will learn how to rig the boat properly and trim the sails for optimal performance upwind and downwind.

Helming “Lynx” is an absolute joy! You will learn, practice, and love it beating, reaching, and running while working in unison with your crew, executing seamless maneuvers with controlled sail handling.

It’s often been said that sailing is the easy part but how do you know where to go? What do you need to consider? What happens when it’s dark? These voyages will hone your navigation and passage planning skills and you will gain experience in both day and nighttime situations. You will learn invaluable practical techniques and develop new skills under the tutelage of our skippers who are only too keen to coach and answer your questions.

2. The Experience… and sense of achievement!

There is nothing like setting a goal and getting there. Wild West Sailing will do this and more! The crews on our Round Irl Voyages can vary in experience from novice to expert but ALL come home with a newfound confidence in their ability on the water, on the helm, and in navigation. Some crew signs up looking for an adventure with a difference; after all, how many of your friends have sailed right around Ireland?

However, everyone has a goal they wish to achieve and we are there to facilitate that in every way we can. Build QUALITY miles towards Yachtmaster qualification. Learn practical sailing tips while troubleshooting as you go. Learn from skippers and crew with thousands of miles and years of experience. Learn as much about yourself as you will about sailing and have the craic while you’re doing it!

Discuss your goals and expectations with the Wild West Sailing team and we will support you every step of the way.

3. The Irish wildlife and iconic sights

Whether you’re in it to hone your sailing skills or for the challenge, this unique experience is the ultimate staycation adventure. See the entirety of the Irish coastline in one epic voyage.

Visit the remote islands of Ireland such as Tory, Rathlin, Cape Clear, Inisbofin, and wherever else the wind blows us. Witness the breathtaking headlands and lighthouses you’ve probably heard of but possibly never seen such as Fair Head, Skellig Michael, Fastnet, and Tuskar Rock.

A Round IRL Voyage will open your eyes to the abundance of wildlife we have on our shores and allow you to reconnect with nature. You’re guaranteed to experience dolphins playfully approaching as we sail by on a daily basis and depending on the month, humpback or pilot whales and basking sharks.

We have had puffins land on deck and close-ups of sea birds such as oystercatchers, gannets, terns, and herons are commonplace and mesmerising as they dive for fish and glide through the air, seemingly without a care in the world.

4. Crew, Craic, and Comradery

We love to bring a new group of people together and see the camaraderie develop almost instantly! Everyone is on-board to share the same experience and help each other under the guidance of our amazing skippers. Off the boat, we eat in fantastic restaurants, (the island’s hidden gems) and we toast to the adventures just past and of course, the ones to come.

You will forget the world’s chaos and connect with people and nature. Lost in the simplicity of the natural beauty, your friendships on board are made to last. You will always be the crew that circumnavigated the island of Ireland as one… plus your Instagram will be the envy of many :)

5. Because with Wild West Sailing you can!

One of our core values at WWS is to make sailing as accessible as possible for those who wish to give it a try. Our Social Sailing and various weekend improvers courses are designed to introduce you to sailing, get you comfortable onboard and, then build your experience further.

WWS Round IRL Voyages are the perfect platform to enhance your experience. You automatically qualify for an Irish Sailing Competent Crew certificate having completed a Round IRL Voyage.

For our more experienced sailors, we build in your Coastal Skipper Certificate and you will gain valuable mileage, the required passages and the necessary night-time hours for your Yachtmaster Coastal or Offshore Exam.

Wherever you are in your sailing journey Wild West Sailing will bring you to the next level.

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Adventure Sligo set sail for Eden Awards

What a brilliant day Adventure Sligo had yesterday as the judges from Failte Ireland were welcomed to Sligo for this year’s EDEN Destination of Excellence Award. Members of the Adventure Sligo Network and the Wellness Network came together to treat the judges to a whirlwind mini-adventure tour of Sligo and on Lough Gill showcasing several activities and illustrating how enjoyable out of season adventure can be.

The judges Eoin, Irene and Jean were greeted by Blaithin Sweeney, your wellbeing warrior, Barry Hanigan, Northwest Adventure Tours and co-ordinator Marie Brouder, Brouder Marketing at the Riverside Hotel. The group commenced on a walking tour of Sligo arriving at Sligo Wellness Centre to meet Blaithin and hear about the combination of health and body at the wellness centre over their three floors from the organic café, treatments and the studio. Blaithin discussed her in-depth knowledge of community wellbeing.

‘Any genuine health and wellbeing offering has to start in the community first, the services, landscapes and amenities that are needed to provide for a community are the same services landscapes and amenities required to provide an exceptional experience to the visitor.’

– Blaithin Sweeney, Your Wellbeing Warrior

This was showcased yesterday by the broad range of presenters from Adventure Sligo, Wellbeing Network, Sligo Tidy Towns, Wellness Hub, Volunteer Centre to business elements from Sligo BID, Sligo Food Trail, Sligo Leader Partnership, Sligo Sports and Recreation Partnership and Sligo County Council.

The group proceeded on a perfect sun filled November day to set sail with Dave and Paddy from Wild West Sailing on Lough Gill and cruised to the magical Church Island. There, in the ruins for which the island is named, Blaithín led everyone in a peaceful meditation. By this time an appetite had been well worked up and Barry was a welcome sight with al fresco lunch ready and waiting in a beautiful island setting. It was a fabulous spread of organic soup with delicious homemade breads and hummous all from Sligo Wellness Centre and followed by locally roasted Carrow Coffee. The group then boarded a powerful RIB to whisk them back to mainland Sligo and reality.

Thank you to Louise Waters on Teeling Street, a member of Wellness Network for allowing us to use her new studio space for yesterday’s presentations to the judges and refreshments.

Thank you to all the presenters and everyone who worked so hard behind the scenes to make the day go so smoothly. A special thank you to Blaithin Sweeney, Auriel Robinson, John Graham, Gail McGibbon, Lucy Brennan, John Kielty, Cllr. Marie Casserly, Deirdre Kennedy, Hugh Myles and Val Robus for their enthusiastic and informative presentations on the day and also thank you to Marie Brouder, Aisling Kelly and Carolanne from Sweet Beat for the treats. Thank you to our members Eddie from Strandhill Surf Experience and Ursula from Island View Riding Stables for attending the presentation and Q & A.

It was a proud day for Adventure Sligo and to see all the levels of involvement and so much happening on our doorstep. The day allowed us to show the judges the range of exhilarating activities and necessary amenities on offer here in Sligo which can also contribute to and enhance people’s sense of well-being. We look forward to the results in the coming weeks.

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